Interschool 2K19 Best Selfie/Photography Contest

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Rules and regulations

I am participating in Best Selfie/Photography Contest of ISC 2K19. Please like, comment and share my photo and support me to win. You can also win ₹ 01 Lakh by participating. To participate click on the link:






  • Upload any selfie/photograph and share in any social media(Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, twitter) with the above mentioned # tag.
  • For evaluation #tags are mandatory.
  • Participants need to share only one image. Sharing multiple image by same participants will leads to disqualify.
  • Participants are strictly prohibited to comment on their own photo as a reply. If any participants found doing so, will be eliminated.
  • Using of any third party application for increasing comments/likes will lead to automatic elimination as this competition is monitored by application.
  • Maximum Prize Money: ₹ 1000/-*.
  • Your prize money will be calculated as follows:Prize Money = ( ₹ 1*Like + ₹ 2*Comments + ₹ 10*share)