Do You Want TO Help?

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Why you should help?

  • Your small contribution can help to making future of others.

Where We Use Your Donation?

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Education is the primary requirement for each person of the society. We support poor students to get proper education. Different activities are coducted in government and non-government schools by our team. Along with academic activities we work on co-curricular activities and organizes different district level, state level and national levels competitions.

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Health Care

We organizes camps in our working areas to aware the people regarding healths. Why health is important?. How we can reamin disease free?. What should we do to remain healthy in our life?. In these camps we distribute basic medical kits. We organizes blood donation camps with cooperation of volunatry hospitals.

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We organizes different technical and non-technical training camps in summer for the students of school and colleges. We focus on the trainings which can help them to build better future and make them corporate ready. We also conducts short term trainings for skill development. We also organizes placement drives workshops for the students of colleges.

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Our dedicated team of BRM foundation takes care of our environment. We organizes camps for school students, college students and general public for making them aware how we can save our environment and why we should save our environment. We do tree plantation in our working area.

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Women Empowerment

Our work area also focuses on "Women Empowerment". We organizes different activities for girls and womens. We motivates people to educate girls and give them equal opportunity as comparison to boys. As girls are now days ahead of boys in different sectors.

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